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Arizona Strip Guides LLC is exclusively comprised of a very highly experienced and highly dedicated team of hardworking professional Arizona Strip mule deer guides, Kaibab mule deer guides, and statewide Arizona mule deer guides. The Arizona Strip Guides Team is led by two full time professional Arizona mule deer outfitters that are dedicated to providing serious trophy mule deer hunters with some of the very finest guided and outfitted trophy mule deer hunts available for the Giant Mule Deer bucks of the Arizona Strip, the Kaibab Plateau, and all across the state of Arizona. Both of the founding members of Arizona Strip Guides LLC is a highly experienced veteran mule deer guide and outfitter of the Kaibab plateau, Arizona Strip, and the entire state of Arizona. These two trophy mule deer outfitting veterans share the same goals of honesty, integrity, and having the very highest level of excellence and professionalism in the guiding and outfitting industry. More importantly, both founding members of Arizona Strip Guides LLC are hard core trophy mule deer hunters that share the same passion and obsession of successfully hunting and guiding their clients to some of the largest trophy mule deer bucks in the world today.

Travis McClendon is one of the founding members and co-owner of Arizona Strip Guides LLC. Travis is a lifelong trophy big game hunter who was literally born and raised in the professional trophy hunting and outdoor video industry. His father John McClendon, who is also a Team ASG guide, is a legendary Arizona outfitter and has passed on his priceless decades of skill and big game hunting knowledge to Travis. An Arizona native and full time professional hunting outfitter and videographer, Travis has produced many world class trophies for his countless big game hunting clients. His tireless work ethic and obsession with hunting trophy mule deer makes him one of the most sought after and successful trophy mule deer guides in the west. Travis McClendon is one of the most experienced trophy mule deer guides in the state of Arizona and he brings a lifetime of trophy mule deer hunting experience to the Arizona Strip Guides Team. Arizona Strip Guides LLC is very proud to have Travis McClendon as part of our dedicated team of trophy mule deer hunting professionals.

David Pereda is one of the founding members and co-owner of Arizona Strip Guides LLC. David is a lifelong big game hunter who has dedicated his entire life to the professional pursuit of the highest scoring trophy big game animals in the west. A 30 plus year resident of Northern Arizona and highly experienced veteran of the Kaibab Plateau, Arizona Strip, and the entire state of Arizona, David Pereda is a full time year round professional big game hunting outfitter that has produced numerous world class mule deer bucks for his countless big game hunting clients. Trophy mule deer hunting is David’s number one lifelong passion and he is entirely consumed with the quest of guiding his clients to some of the highest scoring trophy mule deer bucks in the world. Arizona Strip Guides LLC is very proud to have David Pereda as one of the founding members of our dedicated team of trophy mule deer hunting professionals.

Team ASG Arizona mule deer guide Cliff Amator was born and raised in Goodyear, AZ and is a 4th generation native Arizonian. Cliff has been successfully hunting trophy big game animals across the entire state of Arizona since he was just 10 years old and is in his 3rd full guiding season with the Arizona Strip Guides Team of trophy mule deer hunting professionals. Cliff has helped many very satisfied big game hunters to successfully hunt and harvest numerous trophy big game animals all across the state of Arizona. When he is not guiding big game hunts Cliff works as an insurance broker in the Phoenix area and spends every free minute that he has out in the woods scouting, looking for shed antlers, and locating the monster mule deer bucks that are out roaming the hills and canyons of Arizona. Cliff’s big game guiding expertise is in trophy mule deer, elk, antelope, and Coues deer for both archery and rifle hunters. Cliff Amator is a very integral part of Arizona Strip Guides LLC and we couldn’t be more proud to have him as one of our hardworking team of trophy mule deer hunting professionals.

Dillon Currie began big game hunting in Arizona at a very early age and has gained an extremely impressive amount of knowledge and experience hunting the many different big game species that are available to hunt in the state of Arizona. Raised in an outdoors and hunting oriented family, big game hunting has been a very integral part of Dillon’s entire life. A fourth generation Arizona native with 14 plus years of trophy big game hunting experience, Dillon has successfully guided and hunted across much of the state of Arizona. Dillon specializes in trophy mule deer, elk, Coues deer, and black bear, having both personally harvesting and successfully guiding each of these big game species in Arizona. Although each different big game species offers its own allure and unique challenge; the trophy mule deer hunts on the Kaibab and Arizona Strip, September Archery Elk hunts in the rut, and Fall Over-The-Counter spot and stalk Black Bear hunts are his favorites for the excitement, challenge, and reward that they offer. Dillon spends approximately six plus months in the field each year preseason scouting, shed antler hunting, learning new hunting country, guiding hunters, and personally hunting for himself. Being able to spend such an enormous amount of time in the field has allowed him to gain extensive knowledge of the Kaibab plateau, Northern, Central, and Southern Arizona. Dillon is also the owner of Chase’n The King LLC which an Arizona based sportsman’s brand and hunting apparel company. He is a graduate of the University of Arizona with a degree in Agribusiness Economics and Management. Arizona Strip Guides LLC is very proud to have Dillon Currie as part of our team of trophy mule deer hunting professionals.

Arizona Strip Guides LLC, thanks to our hardworking team of professional Arizona mule deer guides, is one of your top choices for premium quality professional Arizona mule deer outfitters for hunting the giant trophy mule deer bucks that are found on the Kaibab Plateau, the Arizona Strip, and all across the great state of Arizona. Our teams’ combined decades of highly successful trophy mule deer hunting experience on the Kaibab Plateau, the Arizona Strip, and the entire state of Arizona is at your full service every time that you book a trophy mule deer hunt with the Arizona Strip Guides Team of trophy mule deer hunting professionals. No matter what part of Arizona you drew your mule deer tag in, you can rest assured that you will be in some of the very best hands possible when you are hunting with Arizona Strip Guides LLC

Our hardworking team of Arizona mule deer hunting professionals has decades of trophy mule deer hunting and outfitting experience in each of the trophy mule deer units that are available on the Kaibab Plateau and Arizona Strip. These trophy mule deer units are Arizona Strip Unit 13B, Arizona Strip Unit 13A, Arizona Strip Unit 12B, Arizona Strip Unit 12B West, Kaibab Unit 12A West, and Kaibab Unit 12A East. No matter which Arizona trophy mule deer tag you draw, rifle or archery, in any of these trophy mule deer units units, you can count on the Arizona Strip Guides Team of trophy mule deer hunting professionals to provide you with some of the very highest quality professionally guided and outfitted trophy mule deer hunts available.

The Arizona Strip Guides Team of trophy mule deer hunting professionals spends enormous amounts of time scouting for the highest scoring trophy mule deer bucks on the Kaibab Plateau, the Arizona Strip, and across the entire state of Arizona all year round. Arizona Strip Guides LLC and our highly experienced team of professional Arizona mule deer guides will do everything humanly possible to leave no stone unturned in preparation for your long awaited trophy mule deer hunts on the Kaibab Plateau, the Arizona Strip, and across the state of Arizona. With both of the founders being full time professional big game hunting outfitters, Arizona Strip Guides LLC has a tremendous amount of time and resources at our disposal to leave no stone unturned and have the very highest level of preparation for your trophy mule deer hunts of a lifetime on the Arizona Strip, Kaibab Plateau, and statewide in Arizona. Arizona Strip and Kaibab mule deer tags can be extremely difficult to come by and the Arizona Strip Guides Team will put forth a superhuman effort to ensure that you will be hunting the highest scoring mule deer bucks possible in your Arizona Strip or Kaibab mule deer unit. Whether you want to hunt giant Arizona strip bucks, giant Kaibab mule deer bucks, or giant mule deer bucks in Southern and Central Arizona, The Arizona Strip Guides Team will help you to fulfill your quest to successfully harvest the trophy mule deer buck of a lifetime.

Please feel free to contact the Arizona Strip Guides Team of trophy mule deer hunting professionals at anytime if you would like more information on any of the trophy mule deer hunts that we guide and outfit in the great state of Arizona. When you contact us be sure to ask us about the rest of the premium quality trophy mule deer hunts that we offer besides our trophy mule deer hunts that we guide and outfit on the Arizona Strip and Kaibab Plateau. We also guide and outfit premium quality trophy mule deer hunts in Central and Southern Arizona every year. Our Southern and Central Arizona mule deer hunts offer serious trophy mule deer hunters very high quality trophy mule deer bucks with easy to draw rifle mule deer tags and over the counter archery mule deer tags and licenses. The Arizona Strip Guides Team also offers premium quality trophy mule deer hunts in several other Western States with our trophy mule deer outfitting partners that we work with. We hope that you enjoy the Arizona Strip Guides LLC website and we hope to get the privilege of hunting some of the very finest trophy mule deer bucks in the world with you this year.


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