Unit 13B on the the Arizona Strip, is home to some of the highest scoring mule deer bucks in the world and is widely considered to be one of the finest trophy mule deer hunts on the planet. Arizona Strip Unit 13B is Arizona mule deer hunting at its highest trophy quality. The mule deer population in Arizona Strip Unit 13B is managed under strict alternative management guidelines set by the Arizona Game and Fish Department that strictly focus on the harvest of older age class, mature mule deer bucks only. Mule deer populations in Arizona Strip Unit 13B are very widely scattered throughout this massive mule deer unit and exist in very low densities throughout all of the habitat types that are found in this world famous trophy mule deer area. Arizona Strip Unit 13B can be a very difficult unit to hunt due to the mule deer numbers being so low and spread out and the sheer size of this trophy mule deer unit being so gigantic. Many very large areas of prime looking mule deer country in Arizona Strip Unit 13B can be completely devoid of any mule deer whatsoever. Many Arizona strip mule deer hunters every year drive and hunt hundreds of square miles of country going from spot to spot in search of the giant Arizona strip bucks that have made the Arizona Strip so famous and come up totally empty handed. The remoteness and immense size of Arizona Strip unit 13B can be overwhelming but the Arizona Strip Guides Team has decades of knowledge and success on trophy mule deer in Unit 13B to help you harvest the mule deer buck of a lifetime when you finally draw your tag here.

Hunters in Arizona Strip Unit 13B must be prepared to possibly spend many days in the field without a single mule deer being spotted. Even hunting with a top quality professional guide service such as Arizona Strip Guides LLC does not mean that you will have an easy mule deer hunt in Arizona Strip Unit 13B. It pays to stay mentally tough during your hunt and keep going at it hard as the last few days of the Arizona Strip Unit 13B mule deer hunt can bring the best action and highly increased deer activity due to the oncoming rut. The demand for Arizona Strip Unit 13B mule deer tags is very high for both the archery and rifle hunts making the odds of obtaining a tag here extremely difficult. Don’t lose hope in applying here though because eventually you will get drawn and you will be the proud owner of one of the greatest trophy mule deer tags in the world.

There are two separate mule deer seasons that are offered annually in Arizona strip unit 13B. The first one would be the Arizona strip archery mule deer hunts in Unit 13B that start in mid august.  We feel that this Arizona Strip Unit 13B archery mule deer hunt ( with the Arizona Strip Unit 13A archery mule deer hunt coming in at second choice ) is hands down the best archery mule deer hunt in the state of Arizona for a bowhunter to try and harvest a world class mule deer buck. If your goal is to someday harvest a truly giant mule deer buck with your bow this is the tag that you need to apply for your first choice when filling out your Arizona mule deer applications this year.

The next mule deer hunt that is offered annually in Arizona Strip Unit 13B is the rifle mule deer hunt that starts in early November. This hunt can be a rut hunt for trophy Arizona strip bucks depending on the weather and precipitation that has fallen during the year. We feel that this Arizona Strip Unit 13B rifle mule deer hunt is the premier mule deer hunt in the state of Arizona for the rifle hunter who is looking to hunt some of the largest mule deer bucks that are currently walking the face of the earth.

Arizona Strip Guides LLC hunts Arizona Strip Unit 13B annually and our team has produced numerous world class mule deer bucks for our trophy mule deer clients in this unit. The Arizona Strip Guides Team is one of your top choices in premium quality professional guides and outfitters for all of the trophy mule deer hunts that are offered annually on the Arizona Strip. We are hard at work scouting for the highest scoring trophy mule deer bucks in Arizona Strip Unit 13B all year round in order to provide you the client with the highest level of quality and service possible for a professionally guided and outfitted trophy mule deer hunt in Arizona strip unit 13B.

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